The Society for

Modern Parapsychology

The Society for Modern Parapsychology is dedicated to promoting the standards of scientific rigor to the investigation and study of the paranormal. We seek to educate our members, and the community in general, about the application of scientific methods to the study of the mysterious. We desire that science should be the prevailing wind in the ever expanding sea of cosmological and metaphysical investigation.

The Society for Modern Parapsychology is currently advancing the goal of a society better educated in science and the paranormal by organizing and offering courses to the general public by means of an electronic classroom system. Classes focus on assisting students to learn both about scientific methodology and paranormal lore in such a way that encourages both open-mindedness and mental discipline. Students will learn to use critical thinking, investigation and research as a filter for true open-mindedness which we hope will produce an enlightened approach to viewing our world.

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